My Story

Welcome to Back to Health

At Back to Health my focus is helping you get the most from life by being and feeling healthy.

Though massage my primary modality, I also offer other modalities to help you in this wonderful journey of life.

I am focused, certified and willing to give you the necessary assistance to bring you Back to Health.

This is a little of my story:

Sue Boyce

I am a mother of five children, foster mum to many, and grandmother to eight beautiful children.

Raising a family has been such an amazing role to fill and has given me such wonderful learning opportunities. As well, I have experienced my own personal health challenges and found that complimentary methods have brought the best and most lasting solution. I added certificates that meshed with my own beliefs, now Back to Health has its breath of life.

Back to Health started as a quiet conversation, and has blossomed into a multi-faceted practice that incorporates a complimentary approach to everyday life.

“Back to Health is more than just a name – It is our way of life that I so desire to share with you.”

Supporting this practice I have earned the following:

  • Certified Life and Wellness Coach
  • Approved Independent Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant
  • Certified Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Remedial Massage
  • Sports Nutrition (S.H.N.S) Dip
  • Certified¬† Nutritional Consultant
  • Certified Teacher and Practitioner of Intuition
  • Bachelor Of Alternative Health Science B.A.H.S
  • Postpartum Pelvic Recovery Therapist
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Intuitive Therapy