Complimentary Health


Complimentary Medicine

Working with the whole you allows you to reach the goals you desire. This means your emotions, your thoughts, your self-talk and your nutrition. These creates what you present to other visually and through your conversation.

Holistic health takes into account your lifestyle your emotions, your physical life. Only then can we design an outcome that will benefit you as a whole so you can move forward and be the healthiest and happiest you can be.

I will look at your diet, your environment, and your lifestyle to put the whole picture together. Then working with all these elements, I can bring together a sustainable and practical outline designed to bring health and joy to your life.

Session are completely confidential and can be held on site or via Skype.

Packages are as follows

1. One off consultation assessing your current health.                     60 minutes  $70.00

2. One consultation and written recommendation with dietary advice and recipes    60 minutes   $90.00

3. Four consultations with written recommendations and recipes.  $200.00

the parts of you make up the whole-treat each part gently