Package Programs

Your enjoyment of life increases or decreases based on the measure of your health

We offer many choices suited to get you started on maintaining your health or improving the health you now enjoy. Below are a few packages that we have ready for you now.

Monthly Massage

A massage once a week for 30 minutes is a good way to promote good health and muscle relaxation. These therapeutic treatments will target muscle relaxation stress reduction.

Four 30 min sessions (weekly)  $120

regular massage promotes health

Assessment/Treatment Series

a soothing massage can be the start of your health maintenance

This program is designed to get your body back in focus. Start with an assessment of your present health and lifestyle along with soothing massage. This package is a series of 4 massages (one each week) ending with a written program designed to help you stay on track. $190.00NZD

Tune Up Series

healthy food sustains you

Starting with a focus on your nutrition, I will find the blocks that can be removed and open the way for deepening your emotions and intuition. Capping this off with a therapeutic massage you will feel amazing and be on your way to a healthier you. Two follow up sessions are included. $160.00NZD

good health will allow you to blossom

Fully Back to Health

Together we will look deep into your emotions and intuition. The well being sessions are designed to maintain your health. Along with the in depth look at your nutrition you will receive a food shopping trip, recipes and a food preparation session. $150.00NZD