Post Postpartum Pelvic Recovery

Welcome to Back To Health For Women. My names Sue Boyce and I’m a postpartum body therapist, I’m also a mum of 5 and grandmother to 8. Postpartum care is so important to prevent problems developing in the future. At Back To Health For Women I am able to offer treatments that will restore your pelvis to its pre-pregnancy form. If you have any of these symptoms I can offer treatment for Low back pain – low grade or intense.● Relieve pubic bone discomforts.● Decrease stress incontinence.● Relieve leg tension (psoas muscle)● Loosen stuck pelvic muscles after birth.● Caesarean scar issues● Diastasis recti● Releasing the liver and stomach and rebalance to improve deep breathing.● Using diaphragm restrictions to determine the proper technique to release for better core activation● Pubic symphysis dysfunction.These hands-on procedures can bring relief to those that are postpartum, or preparing for pregnancy or age-related issues, through treatments that are specific to your needs.

You don’t need to have had a baby for some of these issues to arise or you may have had a baby many many years ago and only just now developed issues. If you would like some help or would like to discuss your symptoms to see if I can help give me a call on 021766034