Your enjoyment of life increases or decreases based on the measure of your health

We offer many choices suited to get you started on maintaining your health or improving the health you now enjoy. Below are a few packages that we have ready for you now.

Package deals for 4 x 30 minute Massages

A package for 4 x 30 minutes is a good way to promote good health and muscle relaxation. These therapeutic treatments will target muscle relaxation stress reduction.

4 x 30 minute sessions for $120NZD

Regular massage promotes health.

Package deals for 4 x 60 minute Massages

A package for 4 x 60 minutes sessions to really work on those trouble areas or just relax. This is a full body massage working on back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms and neck.

Health & Nutritional  Assessment/Treatment Series

A soothing massage can be the start of your health maintenance.

This program is designed to get your body back in focus. Start with an assessment of your present health and lifestyle along with recommendations. This package is a series of 2 sessions looking at the emotional and physical connection to food and health, includes a written program designed to help you stay on track.


Intuitive Health & Nutrition

Healthy food sustains you.

Intuitively I will connect in to see what your body wants and needs. Foods that you can have and foods you shouldn’t have. I will intuitively preform a body scan to see areas we need to be working on and direction of how to make the changes

$80.00 NZD

Good health will allow you to blossom.

Fully Back to Health

Together we will look deep into your pantry and see where to make the changes, this includes a visit to the supermarket to see what you normally buy and how we can substitute these products for healthier versions.